I grew up in a strict Seventh-day Adventist family where he was homeschooled his entire childhood. Given few textbooks, his education was through the world of observation. Isolation and taboo forbid him from interacting without the intervention of parental guidance. His view of the world was wild and mysterious as his curious mind was often given diluted answers in order to protect him from the 'evil' of the world.

As he came into adulthood he slowly dismantled the belief system of his childhood and discovered an entire world he had never knew about. He had a personal renaissance as he gave himself access to the whole of human knowledge and experience. This renaissance is something that he carries with him to this day, and the passion of revolutionary discovery has guided his remarkable journey through life. His personal narrative is a testament to the human spirit, innovation, and adventure. 

Greg lives his life in the here and now with unmitigated curiosity, aliveness and agility. He values saying what is so